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Dena Santos

Dena Santos - California Recovery Center

Executive Director

Dena Santos, CADC-II, ICADC

More About Dena

Deeply rooted in the traditions of her maternal ancestry, Dena Santos is the capable guardian of the California Recovery Center family. As our Executive Director, Dena cultivates our systematic and evidence-based program, calibrated to enable our patients’ successful and long-term sobriety. She brings grace and patience to every interaction and is a natural leader to the CRC team.

Determined to cultivate her treatment skills, Dena achieved a CADCII and ICADC. And, with over fifteen years of experience, Dena is a seasoned professional who manages CRC operations with skillful ingenuity. In the past seven years, she has been primary to the success of three of the region’s foremost treatment programs.

Dena promotes culturally responsive and individualized treatment. In collaboration with a multi-disciplined team of colleagues, she worked to establish the regions’ premier First Responder substance use disorder treatment services. Dena is passionate and dedicated to all those seeking substance use disorder treatment. Our community thrives because our treatment professionals partner with our patients in trustworthy relationships. We enable our patients to thrive in recovery and the culture of our community; shaped by Dena’s effortless and compassionate leadership.

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California Recovery Center is a trusted drug & alcohol treatment center in Northern California that offers hope & sustainability when seeking recovery.

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