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James Thornton

James Thornton - California Recovery Center

Clinical Director

James Thornton, LCSW

More About James

James holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in social work. He has been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in California for over a decade. He is a career counselor with a passion for bringing knowledge and healing into the lives of individuals and their families.

During the first half of his career, he applied his skills with at-risk children and their families to help turn the trajectory of their lives into a more constructive direction. He came to realize there the importance of early development on children and the coinciding importance of the family in understanding and overcoming problems, even in adulthood.

For the last fifteen years, James has worked in a medical setting, providing assessments, treatment planning, and individual and group counseling for persons with most types of mental health problems, many with dual diagnosis challenges. In this work, he’s learned the value and place of medications, supportive therapies, focused education, and skill training in helping others overcome problems and move towards more satisfying and productive lives.

He has expressed excitement about joining the team at California Recovery Center and adding his individualized and eclectic counseling approach to the benefit of clients who come here.

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