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Katie campo

Katie Campo - California Recovery Center

Director of Nursing

Katie Campo, LVN

More About Katie

California Recovery Center prides itself in the exceptional provision of a safe and comfortable withdrawal process. Katie Campo demonstrates this same philosophy in everything she does at CRC. She joined the CRC team in August of 2020 and has become a leader within our community as the Director of Nursing.

Katie’s specialties include the employment of best practices in the field, medication-assisted therapy and cultural competency. Her deep understanding of the complexities of substance use and co-occurring disorders serves to reinforce our patients’ sense of safety and the promise of progress. The proof of Katie’s expertise shows itself through our patients’ successful detoxification and in the completion of our treatment program.

Experienced in client-centric care, Katie always listens carefully to her patients, includes them in their detox treatment planning and medication management. She is knowledgeable about numerous treatment modalities and stays abreast of emerging trends. She goes above and beyond for our patients and her natural compassion comes through in everything she does.

Katie, who is described as very “down-to-earth”, treats everyone she meets with respect and dignity, and her wonderful sense of humor. As a team leader, Katie is an important and integral part of the success of California Recovery Center and our patients.

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