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Olivia Hernandez

Olivia Hernandez - California Recovery Center

Admissions Coordinator

Olivia Hernandez

More About Olivia

Olivia joined California Recovery Center in July 2020 as a Recovery Specialist. By December of the same year, she was promoted to Admissions Coordinator. Olivia has a passion for assisting clients who suffer from substance use and co-occurring disorders. To improve her skills, she attends nursing school and expects to graduate in 2022.
She is a hardworking staff member who shows immense initiative and is always wearing a smile. Olivia believes that healing is a collaborative endeavor that requires honesty, care, and zero judgment.
She coordinates placement and utilizes current research to coordinate services with the team. She demonstrates empathy by involving the client/family, actively listening, providing comfort, and providing care. She provides client services with consistent standards of care.
She shows deep compassion toward our clients and enjoys watching the miracles that occur as patients achieve sobriety.

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