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Meet Our Team...

Panfilo Ibarra JR.

Lead Recovery Specialist

Panfilo Ibarra Jr.

More About Panfilo

Panfilo Ibarra is the Lead Recovery Specialist here at California Recovery Center. Panfilo decided to work at CRC because of his desire to help fight against addiction and assist people make healthy long-lasting changes for their lives in recovery. What he enjoys most about working at CRC is restoring hope in the clients’ lives and teaching them that there is a better way of life. Panfilo feels his purpose and fulfillment has been answered by working here and thoroughly enjoys his career. He wants to make sure the individuals coming into the center not only find strength during their initial detox and recovery process, but find the strength for lasting change.  

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California Recovery Center is a trusted drug & alcohol treatment center in Northern California that offers hope & sustainability when seeking recovery.

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