Discovering Boutique-Style Recovery Facility 

Boutique-style recovery facility

Since the start of COVID-19, there has been a rise in the number of people suffering from substance abuse disorder or SUD. However, not everyone has the right support system around them to help overcome their problems. Most rehabilitation facilities host a number of people in their sessions, which doesn’t work for all patients. Some have the tendency to be overlooked if they are uncomfortable sharing their struggles with a large group of people. Luckily, boutique-style recovery facilities are available, and their services are helping people at all comfort levels. 

What is a Boutique-Style Facility? 

The term “boutique” can be defined as a small business or establishment that offers a highly-specialized service or product and usually to a sophisticated or particular clientele. Going by that definition, boutique-style facilities offer personalized services that are not usually possible at larger facilities. Boutique-style facilities usually serve a small group of people and offer more individualized treatment programs. Boutique-style recovery facilities offer a unique kind of approach as it focuses on the individual, their needs, and how those can be met, so residents are comfortable in their journey to overcome their substance abuse disorders and mental health problems. 

Why Choose California Recovery Center? 

California Recovery Center (CRC) is a boutique-style treatment facility for addiction and mental health in Northern California and is considered one of the best rehabilitation centers in the Sacramento area. CRC understands that at its core, addiction is an individual disease with shared experiences. Each person requires a personalized path to long-term recovery. Here at CRC, we treat each and every resident as the unique individual they are. We are here to guide residents to their personal solutions, utilizing a variety of evidence-based, traditional, holistic, and modern therapies. 

To learn more about CRC and how our personalized treatment program can help you detox and recover from addiction, contact our admissions team today. 

Benefits of Detoxing


We won’t dress it up; detoxing can be an arduous process. While going through detox, your body is working hard to remove the toxins accumulated in your system. This can create a harsh set of withdrawal symptoms, but once these clear up, you will notice a sense of renewal. Though beginning the first steps to detoxing can seem steep, the outcomes are well worth taking on the challenge. Here are some of the benefits to look forward to once you’re on the other side of detoxing. 

Improved Physical Health 

By going through detox, you’re freeing your body from its dependency on drugs or alcohol. Doing this can reset your body’s system and allow it to begin strengthening its natural functions. Organs, such as the liver that processes toxins, can begin to regenerate as it is not in a constant cycle of abuse.

Switching from restless nights brought on by addiction and back to a normal sleep cycle will further assist in the removal of toxins through the glymphatic system.  

Improved Behavior  

When you detox, you create stability; not only within your body but in your life. No longer subject to rapid mood swings. As previously mentioned, you are regaining clarity of mind and the ability to make better choices, thus improving your potential for better connections in your social life. You have the ability to take control of your life on your own terms and build new, healthy habits. Part of overcoming addiction is breaking the cycle of negative habits. By going through the rehabilitation process and fully detoxing, you can begin to set short and long-term goals that you are more likely to follow through on and thus begin to rebuild positive long-lasting habits

Because detoxing can vary so greatly from person to person, it is important to do it with a team. Though at times it may seem like you’re going through this process alone, we guarantee you’re not. At CRC, we’re here to walk with you through each step of your journey. Find out more about our unique, boutique-style facility today and see how our specialized programs can help you!