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Understanding the Disease of Addiction

What is Addiction?

Addiction is a powerful disease and complex condition that affects a person’s brain as well as their ability to control the intake of harmful substances. Substance abuse and mental health disorders affect people from all different backgrounds, at various different stages of life.

Addiction is a complex disease that can affect the brain as well as human behavior. Drug addiction can start with the experimental use of a recreational drug, however for some people the drug-use can become more frequent and develop into an addiction. Although treatable, addiction is not something to be taken lightly and if you find yourself or someone you know who is showing signs or symptoms of addiction, it is important to seek help and treatment at a rehabilitation center with therapists and trained professionals who can help you start the process of recovery. Addiction is treatable, however without the right treatment and care, it can be known as a ‘relapsing disease,’ or a return to the addictive behavior after an attempt to stop. The recovery process allows people to improve their health and wellness and live independent, addiction-free lives. The recovery process also allows those suffering from addiction to realize that each person is a unique individual who holds the ability to lead successful, fulfilling lives. 

At California Recovery Center, we are here to provide professional treatment to those suffering with addiction problems at any stage. Our substance abuse program in California is the answer for anyone who is suffering from substance abuse or addiction of any kind.

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    How to Know If Someone is Addicted?

    Signs Someone is Abusing Drugs

    It can be difficult to identify someone suffering from a drug or alcohol problem without understanding the ins and outs of addiction, however there are many different physical and psychological signs to look out for. Some physical signs and symptoms of a drug or alcohol addiction can include bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, sudden fluctuation in weight, enlarged or shrunken pupils, changes in skin appearance, chemical odor on breath/clothing and poor personal hygiene. 

    Other signs of addiction that are more physiological and behavioral include changes or loss of interest in activities or hobbies, shifts in social circles, decreased participation in family events and activities, secretive behavior, self-isolation, neglecting responsibilities, dishonest behavior, mood swings, poor performance at work or school and sudden financial or legal issues. Identifying this behavior in a loved one can be alarming and upsetting, however it is important that if you are noticing this about someone around you then you should seek answers before trying to take matters into your own hands. There is a good chance that the person suffering from an addiction problem is either not aware that it’s a problem or is not ready to admit that they have a problem. 

    Our treatment center in Northern California has both specialists and resources available for people at any stage of their addiction, and our therapists are here to help patients understand their addiction in a way they did not understand it before. The hardest part of seeking help is admitting that there is a problem, and we can either build from there or help a patient get to the point of admitting that they have an addiction problem and need our help.

    Our Clients trust us.

    Our Proud Alumni

    "There are lots and lots of treatment centers out there but what sets CRC apart are the people. From the therapists, recovery specialists, chef, nurses all the way up to the CEO is what’s sets CRC apart. Everyone at CRC truly cares and puts the clients well being first above all else. You can have a great program but with CRC the program is just the beginning!"
    Lance C.
    "This is an awesome recovery center! The whole staff is good at what they do. There is a lot of personal attention and they try to tailor your program to your needs. The environment was also comfortable. I felt at home. I highly recommend this place for anyone who is thinking about getting help."
    J. Alexander P.
    “Outstanding team of professionals, In depth counseling and support. Highly recommended!"
    Greg B.
    "I've been to a decent amount of rehabs and none come close to the level of care and support as you do here. The amount of clients is a max of 6 which allows for much more personal time with therapist and small group sizes makes it easier learn and ask questions. The food is phenomenal and all the staff genuinely care. I've been here almost 2 months and I don't want to leave. I am honestly learning to heal and love myself. Would give more stars if I could."
    Jason P.

    Luxury addiction treatment in california

    What Makes Our Northern California Rehab Different?

    California Recovery Center is Northern California’s first boutique treatment provider for professionals, first responders, and veterans. Our center does not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, creed, gender, gender expression, age, origin, disabilities, marital status, sexual orientation or military status. We are accepting of any and all patients who want to better themselves under our care. At our rehab in Northern California, patients experience a 2:1 staff to client ratio to ensure that each patient is met with individualized care and attention. 

    Here at California Recovery Center, we believe that each person has their own story and background that brought them here, and it is important that we help establish an individualized treatment plan to help make sure the path to recovery leaves no room for relapse in the future. We believe that recovery requires time and attention, and success is often built on creating new support systems. We built our treatment center on the foundation that our treatment program supports each individual and their families throughout every stage of treatment.

    Providing Quality & Expert Care

    Options at Our Northern California Treatment Center

    California Recovery Center is a licensed alcohol and drug treatment provider located in Roseville, California. Our Addiction Treatment Center in Northern California believes in the philosophy that all of our residents are unique individuals who have the ability to lead successful, fulfilling lives. The level of care we specialize in includes inpatient detox and inpatient residential treatment. Our inpatient rehab in Northern California caters mostly to adults interested in traveling up north for this level of care. Treatment typically lasts for 30 to 120 days and is administered at our very own Ava House facility in Roseville, a safe and affluent city outside of Sacramento.

    We offer educational groups, process groups, SUD assessments, biopsychosocial-spiritual assessments, treatment planning, relapse prevention planning, discharge planning, and case management. The therapies that we offer include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, EMDR, Individual Therapy, Group Therapy, Relapse Prevention, Life Skills Training, Anger Management, Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation and Art Therapy.



    Detoxification cleanses the body from toxins brought by long periods of alcohol or substance use. We provide 24/7 support and close monitoring for 5-10 days depending on what our clients are detoxing off of.

    crc inpatient

    Residential Inpatient

    Once clients have detoxed from substances, our residential treatment program provides continued 24/7 care where clients are offered individual, group, family, and trauma therapy through an individualized plan.


    Aftercare & Alumni

    Once a client completes inpatient, the journey is just beginning. CRC Aftercare offers our alumni programming, continued treatment planning, sober living assistance, therapist referrals, and anything needed to sustain recovery.

    A New Approach to addiction treatment

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    Our boutique, residential treatment center in California is here to offer individualized care to those suffering from addiction. We value our cultivated community of staff members and our beliefs are that our legacy inspires both the young and the seasoned to do good for our communities and our planet alike. Please join us at our Northern California rehab if you are suffering from an addiction that requires inpatient drug detox, outpatient services, and more. We offer private and shared rooms with TVs. Our established professional therapists will work with you to better yourself as you seek to overcome an addiction and work your way to a full recovery and a sober, fulfilled future.

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    If you or a loved one struggles with addiction, it is vital to seek treatment. California Recovery Center is available to help you day and night.

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