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Aftercare & Alumni

Getting through detox and rehab can be one of the biggest accomplishments in a person’s life, and in order to remain on the correct path and maintain sobriety it is important to have a plan in place for after rehab, and that is what is called an ‘aftercare plan’. 


Understanding the Disease of Addiction

What is the Purpose of Aftercare?

Attending rehab and undergoing detoxification and therapy is vital to recovering from an addiction, and in addition to treatment it is nearly just as important to have a plan in place for post-rehab. The primary goal of aftercare treatment is to prevent relapse. Some of what you will be able to find in aftercare includes learning about what triggers you and how to avoid or learn to endure being in an uncomfortable environment, coping with stressors and cravings that may come along the way, thinking through the outcome of a relapse, and preventing a lapse from turning into a relapse. There are many unpredictable twists and turns in life that people do not always plan for, and it is important to think ahead, understand this concept and prepare for cravings and future lapses to occur. A lapse does not have to mean a relapse. 

There are many different aftercare treatment programs out there, and some include participating in your treatment center’s alumni program, attending 12-step recovery meetings, staying in sober living for a certain period of time, reaching out to sponsors or other members of your sober support system, and individual, group and/or family counseling sessions. Aftercare is an ongoing treatment plan for a person who has successfully completed rehab, and it is meant to help in maintaining long-lasting sobriety.

Our Proud Alumni

"There are lots and lots of treatment centers out there but what sets CRC apart are the people. From the therapists, recovery specialists, chef, nurses all the way up to the CEO is what’s sets CRC apart. Everyone at CRC truly cares and puts the clients well being first above all else. You can have a great program but with CRC the program is just the beginning!"
Lance C.
"This is an awesome recovery center! The whole staff is good at what they do. There is a lot of personal attention and they try to tailor your program to your needs. The environment was also comfortable. I felt at home. I highly recommend this place for anyone who is thinking about getting help."
J. Alexander P.
“Outstanding team of professionals, In depth counseling and support. Highly recommended!"
Greg B.
"I've been to a decent amount of rehabs and none come close to the level of care and support as you do here. The amount of clients is a max of 6 which allows for much more personal time with therapist and small group sizes makes it easier learn and ask questions. The food is phenomenal and all the staff genuinely care. I've been here almost 2 months and I don't want to leave. I am honestly learning to heal and love myself. Would give more stars if I could."
Jason P.
"Cal Recovery Center was the best treatment experience I’ve ever had. After two previous bouts with treatment centers, I thought my addiction had the best of me. The team at CRC truly cares about my recovery (3 months sober and we still connect each week). CRC feels more like your “cool” adopted family. A+."
If you need help with addiction, this is the place to go. I went in for Detox and staff is amazing and so caring. I was so scared, but they quickly put me at ease. I could not believe the care and compassion I received. There was an amazing chef that made the most incredible food and we even got massages every Wednesday. Their program is comprehensive. Their medication detox got me through without any withdrawal and their groups really helped me process a lot of issues. If I could give them 100 stars I would. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! You too can get clean and sober!
Lisa S.
CRC is THE Place! I spent 30 days for an inpatient program here and it saved my life- 5 months sober and still going strong. If you are looking for a strong foundation without judgement and hassle, come to California Recovery Center.
Dillon S.
CRC absolutely saved my life. I detoxed there and I was terrified. ALL staff are the most compassionate people I ever met. They not only supported my but also my family. I got through detox and gained a group of people that love and care for me. Facility is very comfortable and the chef is amazing. If you're looking for help, you should definitely give them a call. It can change your life if you let it. In addition, they have an alumni group that is so supportive. I would give this place 10 stars if I could. Much love to all staff. I've been home 4 hours and I miss them already. Please take the first step and give them a call. You are worth it!
Lisa B.
If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, you're probably well aware how difficult it is to know who to trust when everyone makes the same claims to provide the care and comfort that are desperately needed. Sadly, all too often reality falls well short of these lofty promises. Based on my son's recent experience at California Recovery Center in Roseville, I can report that there really are programs and people that are good to their word. The compassionate and caring staff at CRC made my son feel like he was a partner in his care rather than just a patient. They openly communicated, listened attentively, and showed a genuine interest in helping to create a healthy path forward for my son. His progress in a short period of time was nothing short of remarkable. I can't imagine asking for anything more from the experience. My gratitude and sincere thanks to everyone at CRC.
Rick B.
California Recovery Center is a great place for treatment! The staff is very compassionate and dedicated!

We can continue to help

Aftercare Planning in California at California Recovery Center

California Recovery Center seeks to create a healing environment where our patients feel motivated, supported and at home. It is important to us that after treating a patient at our facility, we go on to help prepare them for a future free from drug and alcohol addiction and to find a program that will allow each patient to continue the work we put in together. As we prepare each of our patients for re-integrating into society as sober individuals, we make sure to help connect our patients to the best aftercare treatment plan for them. The most effective aftercare treatment programs for those suffering from addiction will be tailored to the person’s individual needs and circumstances. Some patients who may be suffering from a more serious addiction may benefit from outpatient treatment plans, which require one-on-one therapy sessions, group counseling and meetings and specialized therapy and continued hands-on care. Other patients may benefit from a 12-step program such as Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous, which offer supportive environments along with a feeling of camaraderie with people suffering from similar addictions. We feel that it depends on the patient and how they respond best to treatment, and therefore we help each patient on a case-by-case basis to find the aftercare program that works best for them to be able to achieve life-long sobriety.

CRC Alumni App

When clients leave our facilities, they will be given a list of emergency contacts to help halt relapse before it even happens.

Furthermore, we encourage them to become a part of our alumni community which interacts and celebrates their milestones in the CRC Alumni App.

We created this exclusive app for our alumni and staff to come together anytime, anywhere. We hope to help you stay grounded on the core foundations of treatment and to share reliable resources in your journey.






The Necessity of aftercare

The Benefits of Aftercare and Continued Treatment

Although the timeline will vary for rehab or any type of formal addiction treatment, there will come a point where this phase of recovery will reach an end. Ongoing recovery efforts, however, encourage a person to continue these treatments while in their own environments. This is crucial to maintaining lasting sobriety, especially because the place it is most difficult to remain sober is back in the physical place where you were experiencing addiction in the first place. Aftercare and continued treatment will help in the adjustment period from exiting rehab to entering your previous environment, and this will help bridge the gap between living in a rehabilitation center and reintegrating into your previous daily life. 

Aftercare treatment in California will provide a long-term treatment plan for a person who has struggled with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. The goals of aftercare include maintaining recovery from substance abuse, finding ways to prevent relapse, and to achieving a life filled with rewarding relationships and a sense of purpose and meaning. California Recovery Center is here to remind you that you are meant to lead a purposeful, fulfilled life that does not include drugs or alcohol. 



A partial hospitalization program requires patients to attend onsite group and/or therapy sessions onsite for about 30 hours per week.

crc inpatient


An Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a form of alcohol and drug recovery that doesn’t require patients to remain in the detox facility for the extent of their treatment.



The telehealth program was created by infusing therapy with technology, resulting in better convenience and accessibility to treatment.

How to Know If Someone is Addicted?

What Happens After I Complete Rehab?

Achieving sobriety is a huge accomplishment, however addiction treatment is not over after successfully detoxing from drugs and alcohol. After completing rehab, it is important to seek aftercare services in California in order to maintain lasting sobriety. Aftercare programs are arguably just as crucial to a person’s recovery as rehab itself, especially in the early stages of recovery from an addiction. At this point, it is important to utilize the resources around you and receive recommendations to aftercare programs in California that will work best for you and your lifestyle. There are a number of different types of aftercare treatments, and some include outpatient treatment, brief stays at sober living homes, ongoing individual, group, or family counseling sessions as well as rehab alumni groups and sponsorship programs. Our drug rehab in Roseville makes lasting recovery a priority will never send patients back into the world without a discharge plan and connections to quality aftercare treatment. 

Around 10% of the U.S. adult population struggles with substance abuse and addiction problems, and the relapse rates for those suffering is around 60%. Those who take advantage of aftercare experience significantly lower relapse rates than people who do not participate in aftercare treatment. Aftercare is therefore critical to maintaining lasting, life-long sobriety.

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A New Approach to addiction treatment

Find Lasting Recovery in Sacramento at the California Recovery Center

California Recovery Center is a licensed alcohol and drug treatment provider located in Sacramento, California. Our addiction treatment center in Northern California believes in the philosophy that all of our residents are unique individuals who have the ability to lead successful, fulfilling lives. The level of care we specialize in includes inpatient detox and inpatient residential treatment. Our residential treatment program at California Recovery Center caters mostly to adults interested in traveling up north for this level of care. Treatment typically lasts for 30 to 120 days and is administered at our very own Ava House facility in Roseville, a safe and affluent city outside of Sacramento. We believe that recovery requires time and attention, and success is often built on creating new support systems. We built our treatment center on the foundation that our treatment program supports each individual and their families throughout every stage of treatment.

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