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Will Mentesh and Dena Santos - Health & Wellness

Ask the Expert – Health & Wellness 2022

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Dena Santos & Will Mentesh

California Recovery Center

California Recovery Center is a licensed alcohol and drug treatment provider in Northern California based on the philosophy that every client is unique and has the ability to succeed. Because of this foundational belief, each staff member is exceedingly compassionate and nurturing. Meet Will Mentesh and Dena Santos, the CEO and executive director of California Recovery Center.

How does CRC differ from other recovery centers?

Will: Our belief is that patients can live successful, balanced lives, no matter the starting point. As one of the pioneer inpatient detoxification and residential facilities in Roseville, we equip patients with real tools and coping mechanisms that will ultimately give them freedom and control over their own lives. We recognize each person who comes through our door as an individual and offer personalized care programs because one-size-fits-all does not work for mental health care or SUD treatment.

How has the Covid-19 pandemic affected mental health patients?

Dena: During Covid-19, there has been a shocking rise in mental health and SUD treatment needs. Due to extended periods of isolation and general instability, even individuals with no previous diagnosis found themselves developing unhealthy coping mechanisms and in need of help. We have barely scratched the surface of the long-term effects of the pandemic on our society. It is our hope to end the stigma that surrounds mental health and normalize asking for help.

What does the future look like for CRC?

Will: Our constant goal for CRC is growth—for our patients, for our team and for our community. The journey is not over once a patient graduates from our program, which is why we are currently looking to partner with the City of Roseville and the Greater Sacramento area to make sure our patients have the support they need to live happy, healthy lives. In the years to come, we hope to partner with like-minded organizations to create an expansive network for those in need. We’re building a community, not just centers.

Roseville, California. 916-545-6730.

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