Every day across the nation, as many as twenty-one million people struggle with addiction. For many, there are often various barriers to seeking treatment. One of the most common obstacles for working professionals facing addiction is the ability to take time off from their employment responsibilities to seek drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Some may be concerned about losing their jobs, whereas others may worry if their business can operate smoothly without them in the office. 

This is a common challenge for professionals of all levels in the business community, including Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), Chief Financial Officers (CFOs), and Chief Operating Officers (COOs). Executive rehab offers therapy in a setting that allows executives to work towards sobriety while creating a minimal impact on both their professional and personal lives. 

Addiction can affect anyone, regardless of employment or income status. Statistics show nearly 78% of Americans who fall into the upper-income brackets (earning more than $75,000 annually) struggle with problem drinking as compared to only 45% of those with an income below $30,000 annually. Unfortunately, when you have many responsibilities at work, it is common to postpone treatment out of fear related to stigma or company success. For these reasons, executive drug treatment centers like Cal Recovery Center offer executive rehab options. 

Are Rehabs for Executives Different Than Others?

Executive rehab centers place priorities on confidentiality and often provide services amenities not found in traditional rehab settings. At Cal Recovery Center, our patients can maintain their work responsibilities while seeking essential rehab treatment without an extended absence from their position at work. For those who have essential functions or for whom stigma is a concern, this can be a crucial deciding factor between going or not going to treatment. In addition to allowing work access and protecting one’s “status” within an organization, executive rehabs afford amenities and benefits individuals with an executive lifestyle are used to. This is not to say the services provided at a traditional rehab center are in any way substandard or ineffective in meeting treatment goals. 

Executive treatment centers (also called luxury rehab) offer high-end services such as spas, organic and specialty diets, pools, and fitness centers. Also, services like acupuncture, massage therapy, yoga, meditation, and other alternative therapies are often part of the standard treatment model at an executive rehab. Many executive rehabs provide options for patients to utilize private spaces for meetings and allow patients to keep their cellular devices in their possession throughout treatment. These are often essential components to maintaining a presence in the corporate environment. 

Benefits of Executive Drug Treatment

Regardless of job title or income level, addiction is a challenge anyone can face. Addiction is a chronic disease that can have dangerous consequences if ignored. Thousands of Americans die each year due to alcohol-related causes or drug overdose. Executive rehab affords working professionals and corporate executives the ability to seek and receive essential addiction treatment and care without removing themselves from their positions within their organizations. Executive rehab allows you to receive evidence-based, comprehensive addiction therapy in the most comfortable setting possible. Executive rehabs provide many different essential services, including medically supervised detox, traditional addiction treatment models, alternative and holistic treatment options. All of the above is provided in luxury settings, often including scenic views and vacation-like settings. 

Reach Out to Our Executive Alcohol Treatment Center for Help With Addiction

If you are one of the millions of Americans struggling with substance addiction and have decided it is time to seek treatment, don’t wait another day. Our executive addiction treatment program at Cal Recovery Center can ensure you receive the highest quality addiction treatment while maintaining continuous contact with home and work. If you would like to learn more about executive rehab in Silicon Valley and Northern California, contact Cal Recovery Center today. 

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