As we greet the new year, many of us try to map out what it will look like by creating resolutions for ourselves. The most common resolutions usually correlate to improving health and overall wellbeing. We often see exercise, weight loss, and healthy eating topping the chart. Other lifestyle improvements, such as quitting smoking and reducing drinking also appear frequently. Some people also wants to get sober and set recovery as a resolution.

An Opportunity for a Clean Slate

Those suffering from addiction look to New Year’s resolutions as an opportunity for a clean slate. A fresh year and a fresh start. Like other resolutions, it is a well-intentioned goal and can be a great starting point for those looking to being their recovery journey.  

However, attributing recovery to the same means as losing weight can create difficulty in meeting these goals; as resolutions tend to take on the same effectiveness as fad diets. A major issue being people create these resolutions out of guilt, instead of self-care. Sure, you may not be happy with your current situation, but to make real change you have to believe you are worthy of a better life and look at these goals as improvements, not punishments.  

Self-love and a Positive Mindset

Another problem comes from the time expectations built into a resolution, to make a huge life change suddenly and in a relatively small amount of time. Creating such big expectations for ourselves leaves no room for setbacks, which are part of the growth process. Often, growth is not linear and these “mistakes” help us learn what we need to work on. However, perceiving each misstep as an absolute failure, creates negative thought patterns and internal language. Again, this needs to be about self-love and a positive mindset is key.  

Instantaneous gratification is not equal to a sustainable lifestyle. At California Recovery Center (CRC), we believe in creating healthy and balanced lifestyles, which make recovery more attainable. Looking at the end goal, rather than the journey to get there. This is one reason a lot of people throw in the towel within the first few months. 

It’s important to remember that resolutions and recovery are not synonymous. You do not need the start of the year or instrumental marker to begin your journey out of addiction. You need only to be ready.  

If you or a loved one struggles with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, seeking help at an addiction treatment center like CRC is the first step on your journey to lasting recovery. To learn more about how our programs can help you get sober, contact our admissions team today. 

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