Although addiction has profound physical and psychological effects on the individual who uses it, they are not alone in their struggle. When a loved one struggles with addiction to drugs or alcohol, it is not uncommon for them to say or do things that inflict emotional pain and discomfort on those they care about most. This happens due to what a struggling individual may say or as a result of how their behaviors and moods change in harmful and often self-destructive ways. These reasons and various others are all factors to consider when thinking of sending your loved one to a drug rehab in Truckee, CA. 

Signs My Loved One Is a Drug Addict

If you are concerned about a loved one and their relationship with drugs or alcohol, it can be difficult for both you and the addict. It can be challenging to gauge the severity of their addiction, and you may not know the best way to approach your loved one about your concerns and the benefits of seeking addiction treatment. Although addiction affects everyone in unique ways, there are some indications that your loved one could be struggling with drugs or alcohol. First, watch for physical changes. These are likely the most notable signs that occur. When someone struggles with addiction, their primary focus is on using or obtaining their substance of choice. 

Because of this, things like hygiene, exercise, eating, and sleeping regularly do not happen as they should. Your loved one may also exhibit changes in behavior. Someone addicted to alcohol or drugs can change in many ways. They may lose interest in things once important to them or have scary and unpredictable mood swings. They may also become isolated and withdrawn. A third, but certainly not final, indication your loved one may be struggling with addiction is new or worsening legal or financial struggles. When addicted to drugs or alcohol, your loved one may focus more on obtaining and using substances than on paying bills, going to work, or following the law. New or worsening financial or legal troubles, including stealing from others, using money to pay for drugs instead of bills, or borrowing money to obtain drugs or alcohol, are all common when someone struggles with addiction. 

Why They Should Go to a Drug Rehab Near Truckee, CA

Loved ones who struggle with an addiction to drugs or alcohol will often do their best to hide their challenge from those around them for as long as possible. Unfortunately, trying to hide their addiction often makes their symptoms, behaviors, and actions worse. It keeps them suffering and struggling with addiction’s behavioral and physical consequences for months or even years until their loved ones realize something is wrong. Seeking comprehensive addiction treatment at an addiction treatment center is an excellent way to take that first step towards a healthy future, free of substance use. 

At a treatment center like Cal Recovery, our caring and compassionate treatment staff are here to support your loved one and your family through the treatment and recovery process. It can be difficult to stand behind your loved one through the tough and challenging times brought on by addiction. It is also difficult to know what to say to your loved one or how to help encourage them to seek potentially life-saving addiction treatment. 

If you are concerned about your loved one or need support and guidance to help talk to your loved one about alcohol or drug addiction, help is here at Cal Recovery. Our caring and compassionate admissions team are here to answer your questions and provide support and guidance throughout the admissions process. To learn more about our Truckee, CA rehab, reach out to our admissions team today

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