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California Recovery Center

Corporate WEllness Program

California Recovery Center’s Corporate Wellness Program can help you provide your employees with personalized professional treatment so they can become more productive individuals for your team, themselves, and their families — a win for everyone. 

Empower your employees and boost productivity at work. Get our Corporate Wellness Program Proposal. 

84% of employees struggle with mental distress due to the workplace

Work-related stress can have a negative long-term impact on mental health. Some distressed employees resort to substances such as alcohol or drugs to cope. This can lead to substance abuse which contributes to a further deterioration of mental health as employees gradually perceive substances as a safe haven from the pressures of work.  

The result: comorbidity of addiction and mental health issues.


A substance-using employee


We can help your employees recover

The solution to substance abuse in the workplace is a Corporate Wellness Program — an extensive, custom-tailored plan to provide professional treatment for employees to recover from substance abuse while helping them achieve a healthy, balanced life. Our Corporate Wellness Program is free and designed to help employers support their staff through substance abuse. It involves:



Educating employees to be more knowledgeable and aware of substance use and its effects


Providing each substance-using employee with specialized care to help them through their situation


Opening a safe space for employees to share their struggles and receive support from their colleagues

Support your employees for a more fulfilling future for everyone

A Corporate Wellness Program results in better cost savings, reduced burnout, increased motivation, and a stronger drive in your employees to improve and excel, which provides substantial returns on investment. With a corporate wellness program, substance-using employees… 

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Less mistakes at work
0 %
Improve attendance
0 %
Decrease conflicts
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Less work-related injuries

Choose to be Better in the Workplace

California Recovery Center (CRC) is an accredited treatment provider for substance use disorder and mental health concerns. CRC understands the value of a strong workforce as they serve as callous pillars that make the company stronger. With this principle, we’d like to share this very timely and relevant campaign, entitled Choose to be Better in the Workplace, aiming to address the increasing addiction and co-occurring mental health conditions in the workplace.


We are looking forward to working with your team in creating the best wellness program that will empower your employees and grow your business. Get our Corporate Wellness Program Proposal.   

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