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California Recovery Center

Outpatient Treatment

We want to ensure that each patient’s needs are met so they can start on the road to recovery immediately following admission. Through our network of trusted providers we offer aftercare solutions to all clients at California Recovery Center.

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Understanding the Outpatient Programs

What is Outpatient Treatment?

Outpatient treatment is made up of different types of programs where the patient visits a treatment center or counselor on certain days of the week. Outpatient rehab still involves daily treatment, however those opting for outpatient rehabilitation do not live in the facility throughout the course of the treatment. People who choose outpatient rehab are able to live home and continue going to work or school, but the level of support may be a little less intensive. Outpatient rehab in Northern California allows patients to stay at home and receive treatment during the day, there is more flexibility and it may be more affordable, however there is a lower rate of success for recovery when struggling with a more serious addiction. When deciding between California inpatient treatment and outpatient rehab one must truly evaluate how serious their addiction is and choose the option that makes most sense for them and their livelihood moving forward. If the addiction is less severe and the outside factors of everyday life are not causing stress, it may make sense to opt for outpatient rehab.

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    The Types of Outpatient Treatment in Sacramento, CA

    Many people struggling with an addiction have trouble justifying taking time off from their everyday routines to get the help that they need. For those who are currently struggling with addiction, have struggled with an addiction in the past, or are finished with their intensive inpatient treatment and need to bridge the gap between their treatment and a return home, outpatient care could be the best option. When looking for an outpatient treatment center in Sacramento, it is important to consider where you are with your addiction and how serious your condition is at the time of seeking outpatient care. Intensive outpatient treatment programs (IOPs) are designed for people who are preparing to re-enter employment, commitments to family life, schooling and all other responsibilities. In this scenario, outpatient treatment offers the continued opportunity to set goals, work on problems and reduce the chances of future relapse. There are many rehabs and outpatient treatment centers that offer this level of care in California, and it is highly important to research or ask us for referrals. Another option that is a little less intensive than residential treatment programs would be partial hospitalization programs (PHPs). PHP clients can attend daytime recovery programming on weekdays, and participants learn to manage stress, cope with addictive behavior, and develop and establish meaningful, personal and workplace relationships.  

    Providing Quality & Expert Care

    How California Recovery Center Can Help

    Our boutique, residential rehab treatment center in California is here to offer individualized care to those suffering from addiction. We value our cultivated community of staff members and our beliefs are that our legacy inspires both the young and the seasoned to do good for our communities and our planet alike. Our established professional therapists will work with you to better yourself as you seek to overcome an addiction and work your way to a full recovery and a sober, fulfilled future. California Recovery Center is Northern California’s first boutique treatment provider for professionals, first responders, and veterans. Our center does not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, creed, gender, gender expression, age, origin, disabilities, marital status, sexual orientation or military status. We are accepting of any and all patients who want to better themselves under our care. At our outpatient rehab in Sacramento, patients experience a 2:1 staff to client ratio to ensure that each patient is met with individualized care and attention. Here at California Recovery Center, we believe that each person has their own story and background that brought them here, and it is important that we help to establish an individualized treatment plan to help make sure the path to recovery leaves no room for relapse in the future. We believe that recovery requires time and attention, and success is often built on creating new support systems. We built our treatment center on the foundation that our program supports each individual and their families throughout every stage of treatment.



    A partial hospitalization program requires patients to attend onsite group and/or therapy sessions onsite for about 30 hours per week.

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    An Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a form of alcohol and drug recovery that doesn’t require patients to remain in the detox facility for the extent of their treatment.



    The telehealth program was created by infusing therapy with technology, resulting in better convenience and accessibility to treatment.

    A New Approach to addiction treatment

    Get the Help You Need from a Program That Cares

    California Recovery Center seeks to create a healing environment to help clients feel motivated, supported and completely at home at our boutique drug rehab in Sacramento. Our treatment professionals embody compassion and empathy, and our staff practices unconditional, positive regard to help our clients feel entirely accepted in their current state of being. Our goal at California Recovery Center is to first help our clients discover and understand the underlying causes of their addiction and then give them the tools and resources needed to live a sober, fulfilled and addiction-free life. We invite each of our clients to accept their lives and circumstances as they are, and we encourage them to make positive changes to empower themselves on their journeys to sustainable, life-long recovery.   

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