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California Recovery Center

Our San Jose rehab Center

California Recovery Center is a licensed alcohol and drug treatment provider in Northern California. We base our philosophy on the belief that all our residents are unique individuals who hold the ability to lead successful, fulfilling lives.

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Understanding Drug abuse in San Jose

Introduction to Addiction in San Jose

San Jose is a city located in Silicon Valley, which is known for being a major technology hub in Northern California. Although San Jose is a beautiful, bustling city with promise and opportunity for those trying to further their careers and live a well-rounded city lifestyle. It is unfortunately one of the cities that is very affected by the opioid crisis in California. There is a large homeless population as well as a large population of tech-minded individuals who test the limits when it comes to opioid usage. Addiction is a complex disease in which a person finds themselves unable to stop using a harmful substance or engaging in problematic behavior, and it affects countless amounts of people all over the country. California Recovery Center is a drug and alcohol rehab located near San Jose, California. At California Recovery Center, we work incredibly hard to create a safe and comfortable environment for our clients. Although addiction can be deadly, it is a treatable condition, and with the right care, you can absolutely overcome your addiction.

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    Statistics of Addiction in San Jose

    San Jose, along with other cities in Northern California, have a reported 6.5 drug-related deaths per 100,000 people as of 2016. Opioid overdoses have also reportedly continued to increase by over 100 percent over the last several years. There is an annual average of 782,000 people, ages 12 or older, that have used any illicit drug in the Bay Area, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. This comes out to 21.9 percent of the population, which is much higher than the average rates in the state of California and the nation as a whole. The rate of non-medical use of prescription-type pain killers was 5.6 percent, which is more in line with the rates in the state of California as well as the nation.

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    What to Look for in a San Jose Rehab Center

    There are certain things you should look for when searching for a drug rehab in San Jose. California Recovery Center offers all of the following:

    Individual approach to treatment. A specific treatment or therapy that helps one person may not necessarily work for another person, therefore it is important that you are able to receive treatment from a place that is able to connect with you and how you can cover from your addiction; your recovery plan may be different than anyone else’s recovery plan. It is important that you are recognized as an individual and that you are treated as such.

    Allot the time needed to help you with regards to overcoming your addiction. It is really important to go somewhere that allows enough time for you to be able to recover from your addiction properly. At California Recovery Center, we evaluate the needs of each person and from there we decide on a recovery plan that may be anywhere from 30-120 days.

    Go to a facility that makes you feel safe, comforted, and helps you through detox with 24-hour care. Our staff is dedicated to helping each of our clients on an individual level throughout the entire recovery process. The initial step when you enter rehab will be detox where you rid your body of toxins that have built up in your body over time. This process can bring about withdrawal symptoms that range anywhere from fever and chills to seizures and life-threatening side effects. In order to detox safely, it is important to have around-the-clock care. At California Recovery Center, we take this very seriously and we want each of our clients to experience as little pain as possible.

    You will also want to choose a rehab that offers aftercare plans. Our residential drug and alcohol rehab in San Jose really stress the importance of having an aftercare plan in place upon departure. We understand the difficulty that comes with transitioning back into reality as a sober individual. At our rehab center in Northern California, we find that it is extremely important to send you out of our care with a detailed plan that you can feel confident with. It is important to continue the work that you underwent during your stay at our facilities, and we provide resources for you to do just that.  



    Detoxification cleanses the body from toxins brought by long periods of alcohol or substance use. We provide 24/7 support and close monitoring for 5-10 days depending on what our clients are detoxing off of.

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    Residential Inpatient

    Once clients have detoxed from substances, our residential treatment program provides continued 24/7 care where clients are offered individual, group, family, and trauma therapy through an individualized plan.


    Aftercare & Alumni

    Once a client completes inpatient, the journey is just beginning. CRC Aftercare offers our alumni programming, continued treatment planning, sober living assistance, therapist referrals, and anything needed to sustain recovery.

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    How California Recovery Center is Different

    California Recovery Center is a licensed inpatient rehab in California. Our incredibly dedicated staff is here to offer around-the-clock care for our patients who we care deeply about. We offer a 2:1 staff to client ratio because we believe that each of our clients needs and deserves one on one care and attention as we work through the recovery process.

     We also believe that each person has their own story and comes from their own unique background and therefore should be treated as an individual. Each client’s plan will be different and individually crafted to help in long-term recovery.  

    Some of the different programs we offer include educational groups, process groups, SUD assessments, biopsychosocial-spiritual assessments, treatment planning, relapse prevention planning, discharge planning, and case management. Additionally, some of the therapies we offer include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Individual Therapy, Group Therapy, Relapse Prevention, Life Skills Training, Anger Management, Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation and Art Therapy.

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    Our Proud Alumni

    "There are lots and lots of treatment centers out there but what sets CRC apart are the people. From the therapists, recovery specialists, chef, nurses all the way up to the CEO is what’s sets CRC apart. Everyone at CRC truly cares and puts the clients well being first above all else. You can have a great program but with CRC the program is just the beginning!"
    Lance C.
    "This is an awesome recovery center! The whole staff is good at what they do. There is a lot of personal attention and they try to tailor your program to your needs. The environment was also comfortable. I felt at home. I highly recommend this place for anyone who is thinking about getting help."
    J. Alexander P.
    “Outstanding team of professionals, In depth counseling and support. Highly recommended!"
    Greg B.
    "I've been to a decent amount of rehabs and none come close to the level of care and support as you do here. The amount of clients is a max of 6 which allows for much more personal time with therapist and small group sizes makes it easier learn and ask questions. The food is phenomenal and all the staff genuinely care. I've been here almost 2 months and I don't want to leave. I am honestly learning to heal and love myself. Would give more stars if I could."
    Jason P.

    A New Approach to addiction treatment

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    San Jose

     California Recovery Center is a drug rehab center in San Jose, California and is here to offer individualized treatment to those suffering from addiction in the area. We offer a safe and comfortable environment for clients of any race, ethnicity, creed, gender, gender expression, age, origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation or military status. We also offer private and shared rooms with TVs. Our established professional therapists will work with you to better yourself as you seek to overcome an addiction and work your way to a full recovery. At our outpatient rehab in California, we want you to know that our staff is here every step of the way as you work to better yourself and work towards a drug-free future. Please join us at our addiction treatment center in Northern California if you are suffering from an addiction that requires inpatient detox and inpatient residential detox, and we will be here to guide you to a sober existence.

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    California Recovery Center is a trusted drug & alcohol treatment center in Northern California that offers hope & sustainability when seeking recovery.

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