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Online Addiction Recovery


An innovate approach that embraces technology so our clients can receive quality substance use disorder treatment while maintaining their daily lives.

Understanding the telehealth program

What is a Telehealth Program?

A Telehealth program is a form of drugs and alcohol recovery that allows patients to receive treatment from their providers without having to travel to the facility. It is a type of intensive outpatient program (IOP) that is fully remote, web-based, and tailored to every patient. This program is designed to accommodate the evolving needs of patients, ensuring that they receive the help they need to succeed and thrive on their road to recovery — wherever they are.

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    Is Telehealth right for me?

    At California Recovery Center, we always strive to do right by the unique needs of each patient. While our doors are open to those who want to undergo our outpatient or inpatient treatment services, we also make sure that patients who cannot travel may still receive continuous systematic care without setting foot on the facility.

    The Telehealth program is a great option for those who:


    Why choose the Telehealth program?

    The right to health is universal and must always be upheld regardless of geographical limitations. Our mission is to continuously innovate new ways for substance abuse patients to access high-quality therapy, no matter the location. Thus, the Telehealth program was created by infusing therapy with technology, resulting in better convenience and accessibility to treatment.

    Patients who choose the Telehealth program can enjoy benefits like:

    Remote access to qualified recovery therapists from any device

    The same level of care as with in-person treatment programs

    Zero hassle and costs of traveling to the facility

    Personalized recovery program that suits your unique needs

    Integration with the patient’s treatment history for a holistic recovery

    Outpatient Programs

    Outpatient programs allow patients to go through the recovery process without checking into a facility. Just like our inpatient programs, patients will have access to group and individual therapy sessions, as well as support from our certified healthcare professionals to guide them through their recovery journey. Depending on the severity of substance abuse, this is an ideal option for those who can’t take leave from work or disrupt other responsibilities to stay at an inpatient rehab center.




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