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Woman speaking to therapist during telehealth therapy

CRC’s Telehealth Program Provides Remote Treatment of Substance Abuse

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California Recovery Center (CRC) continues to improve access for substance abuse patients to professional treatment by offering their telehealth program for drug and alcohol recovery. 

In line with their continuous mission to provide substance abuse victims in California with better access to high-quality treatment, CRC offers patients with the option to receive intensive outpatient treatment remotely. Patients who are unable to travel can receive custom-tailored treatment through a fully remote and web-based program where they can simply dial in directly with their providers without having to access the website. 

Visit California Recovery Center’s telehealth page for more information about the program. 

About California Recovery Center

California Recovery Center is a treatment facility for addiction and mental health in Roseville, California that provides individuals with the opportunity to achieve sobriety with minimal impact on both their personal and professional lives.  

To know more about California Recovery Center, speak to one of our representatives through our chat box or call (866) 864-1986. 

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