Why is recovery at home important? For most, recovery begins when you decide that you’re ready. This decision can come about in a number of ways, but when that choice has been reached, you’ll begin looking at options to help you on the path to recovery. However, sometimes even when you decide you’re ready to begin your substance abuse recovery, the timing may not feel right.  

Many of us hold jobs we can’t simply walk away from for a month or more. Some are caretakers of children, parents, or elderly relatives who need us to remain at home. Whatever the reason may be, sometimes we are not able to take the time for ourselves to enter an inpatient program at a recovery center.   

This is where one of California Recovery Center’s newly introduced outpatient programs can come in and help with recovery at home. Our founder and the team realize that the road to recovery is different for everyone, and no one should have to put their goals on hold because of a busy schedule. This is why our certified healthcare specialists have put together a new series of programs to serve those who can’t join us at our Roseville, California location.  

Now, you can recover remotely with CRC by enrolling in one of our outpatient programs. You no longer need to choose between your work and family time and recovery; now, you can have both simultaneously! Our programs allow you to maintain your daily schedule while receiving treatment.  

Depending on which program you select, you’ll join us onsite for 1-3 hours per week and remain at home the rest of the week, allowing you to continue your normal life. You will still receive access to 24/7 support from our healthcare technicians without staying onsite.  

California Recovery Center’s goal is to expand our reach to as many people as possible. Now we’re able to serve individuals within our Roseville and Greater Sacramento communities, as well as those outside of CRC’s surrounding area. We’re excited for you to grow with us!

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