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Meet Our Team...

Tammy T.

Tammy Turney

Program Manager

Tammy T.

More About Tammy

Tammy is our Program Manager here at California Recovery Center and joined our team in March 2022. She is an amazing leader and team player with experience in dealing with the most critical stages of detox and medication assistance. She also has experience in general medical care following intense psychotherapy, which can be an extremely difficult time for patients. In addition, she has experience with CIWA and COWS assessments. Tammy says the best part of being part of a team at CRC is helping people feel important again when they are at their lowest. To help save someone’s life, help people recognize their worth, and guide them in their search for recovery and purpose, is the greatest gift. She wants to remind people that every life has value, and nobody walks this journey alone. Her compassionate and empathetic nature makes her a perfect fit here at CRC.

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