When going through the recovery process at an individualized treatment center, such as California Recovery Center, the health care providers work to find the best approach for each patient. There are numerous approaches a therapist can choose and one of these options is trauma informed care. This process requires detailed knowledge of the client’s history in order to facilitate the best treatment.

What is Trauma Informed Care?

Through trauma informed care, a patient’s life history is examined. According to this method, the health care professional must have a complete understanding of the client’s condition, both in the past and the present, in order to fully comprehend the source of the behavior. This provides a more detailed picture of the client’s life and allows the provider to deliver a diagnosis and treatment plan that is more accurate to their specific needs.

What are the Benefits of Trauma Informed Care?

One of the primary benefits is that it allows the health care provider to offer care based on each individual’s specific needs. Likewise, it allows patients to be more involved in their own recovery, by offering insight into their life. They become the expert at what traumas, experiences, and events have occurred and offer input into how these have shaped their behavior. Through this extensive knowledge, it presents the opportunity for the provider to approach the client with more empathy.

The Six Principles of Trauma Informed Care

There are six main principles at the foundation of trauma informed care: safety, transparency, support, collaboration, empowerment, and cultural/historical issues. These principles help guide the providers in their care of the patient, as well as establish processes and systems for treatment.  

Seeking Treatment

At California Recovery Center, we offer individualized treatment, including trauma informed care. Our practitioners work to get to know each patient that comes through our door in order to offer the best treatment for the individual. If you are looking to start your recovery journey, reach out to California Recovery Center today!

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